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Critical Asset Protection's Therm-Watch Thermal Reporting and Analysis Tool

The CA Protection developed solution can be used as a stand alone thermal monitoring system or integrated into the Pivotal Vision security and maintenance system.  Therm-Watch is the perfect tool for remote equipment inspection, diagnosing issues, and resolving maintenance questions. By making the Therm-Watch system be your eyes in the field, you reduce the need for costly site visits, thereby decreasing expenses and more effectively leveraging your personnel.

Because the Therm-Watch system is an IP-Based platform, it acts as a virtual control center, allowing anyone with the proper security clearance and an active internet connection to access the system remotely. The Therm-Watch Thermo-Analytic Engine allows you specify how, where, and when to monitor your sites. Therm-Watch can provide early warning of an event, such as an overheating element using thermal cameras or unauthorized access from visual or thermal detection. It will automatically notify you through a monitoring application, email, or cell phone text message. You can also retrieve historical and live streaming video for investigation.





Therm-Watch Analytics SoftwareTherm-Watch Control Panel

  • Automated scanning of hundreds of sites and equipment simultaneously
  • Rule-based temperature detection, capture, trending and alarming
  • Time stamped, 3-dimensional thermal modeling of critical equipment and areas
  • Integration with visual monitoring, ambient conditions and other field sensors



cctv cameraTherm-Watch PTA-Series

  • FLIR A-series thermographic cameras measure temperatures of objects up to 400 ft.
    with a high degree of accuracy (±2% of exact temperature) and detect temperature
    variations as small as 0.08 °C
  • 360° pan and tilt mechanism with exact positioning, ±0.1°, provides temperature scanning of multiple objects in industrial sites covering an 800 ft. diameter