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SMS2U-90 Series-9 System Management Server

System Management Server (SMS)

The Pivotal Vision System Management Server (SMS) is the central command server that runs the iAlertSMS and iSensorSMS software. The SMS is the traffic and information manager and repository of all priority remote site information. It is remote camera control, alarm and I/O management software as well as the event-based NVR. The SMS provides superior security, access, and reporting.

There is no direct user communication with any of the Intelligent Video Appliances - IVA (Analytics Engine, Camera Controller, NVR/DVR). All communication and viewing control of the devices are via the Pivotal Vision Remote Console which connects users to the SMS.

  • Streams cameras to many users using only one video stream from the remote Intelligent Video Appliance
  • Adjust video quality and frame rate from remote sites on-demand according to user settings
  • Receives video streams only from cameras that are being used
  • Distributes video recordings to users viewing the system via the Remote Console client software
  • Archives videos based on site and event


SMS2U-90-Series-9-System-Management-ServerSMS2U-90 Series-9 System Management Server

The Series 9 SMS2U-90 is Pivotal Vision’s newest high powered System Management Server specifically designed for cyber security and onboard video storage. Capable of recording high-quality event based Images to an on-board 4 - 1 terabytes Raid 5 Video System (2.8 TB Usable Storage). Additionally, the SMS2U-90 utilizes Pivotal Vision’s proprietary configuration and encryption between Users and each Intelligent Video Appliance (IVA) to ensure the system is secure from network threats — the Pivotal Vision Series 9 SMS2U-90 System Management Server is designed the is designed for medium to large