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IVA2U-60 Series-6 Intelligent Video Appliance (IVA)

Intelligent Video Appliance (IVA)

All of the site processing is accomplished at each Intelligent Video Appliance. The IVA is local at a remote site and all local resources attach to this appliance. The Pivotal Vision system has the ability to connect to the cameras in many ways. They include wired, wireless, fiber, and even USB. The IVA is the local appliance that drives the “edge analytics engine” and all remote site functions. It includes the embedded video and thermo analytics engine, local 24-hour DVR/NVR, automation engine, communications manager, self-health monitor, and local device manager.

The IVA processes all inputs and requests from the user and produces the outputs of videos, images and alerts to the Pivotal Vision System Management Server.

  • Autonomous PTZ Tracking - Motion tracking with moving camera and moving background
  • Automated Guard Tours - Areas Defined by GPS Coordinates
  • Motion detection on all Sensors of a Multi-Sensor PTZ - Multi-Sensor Autonomous PTZ Tracking
  • Adaptive Logic Analytics Engine
  • Encoding of video to MPEG4 for 24 hour archiving
  • Event-based video extraction which is sent to the System Management Server for reporting



IVA2U-60 Series-6 Intelligent Video Appliance (IVA)

The Series 6 IVA is Pivotal Vision’s most common Intelligent Video Appliance. Along with the iAlert and iSensor software suites, the IVA2U-60 is a solution that manages video from IP cameras and encoders exclusively through an Ethernet connection and analog cameras through optional 4 and 8 channels Hybrid and IP only configurations. The IVA2U-60 contains duel Gigabit network interface card so that users can segment the network traffic to the incoming IP camera traffic, while the other connects to the System Management Server, transmitting all of the outputs of videos, images and alerts. With the iAlert video and iSensor thermo embedded analytics engine, automation engine and bandwidth management, the Series 6 IVA is designed to meet all types of security environments.