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Data Buoys

CAPDB2Our Data Buoys are used for many types of data logging applications and are designed for reliability, stability and ease of use.  We can also facilitate a large array of navigational accessories such as radar reflectors and top marks.

The compartment housing the data logging is designed as a removable modular unit - all that is required is to remove the four stainless steel bolts and lift out the modular carriage.  This enables the technician to perform any required service work more conveniently on the boat without the need to take the buoy out of the water. 


Data Buoys details:

  • 1 yellow AB1300 (1300mm Dia) foam filled buoy base
  • 1 yellow port shaped buoy top
  • 1 x 24mm solid steel eye bolt
  • Navigation light and mounting
  • 10W solar panel with mounting frame
  • 1 solid steel counter weight
  • 1 aluminum equipment insert tray
  • 1 internal thru tube for the data logging sensor equipment


CAP Data Buoyt