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Critical Asset Protection

Critical Asset Protection are the Australian and New Zealand suppliers and service providers of aids-to-navigation, critical asset monitoring and audible notification solutions.

Critical Asset Protection Pty Ltd is a product based organisation that promotes and markets high level innovative equipment used to protect critical capital assets of government and industry. Critical Asset Protection is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Pivotal Vision and Telegrafia systems and preferred distributor for Vega and Moog products.

Our market segment is any industry that demands protection against degradation, wilful damage, theft or human error for their high capital assets, infrastructure and reputation.

Our product range includes innovative autonomous camera surveillance security, automated thermographic inspection systems, navigation buoys, data buoys and navigational lights.  Other products include early warning alarm siren systems for floods, cyclones, bushfires, hazards and the safe instruction (evacuation) for large population movement.

Solutions and markets

Security and Surveillance


Security and surveillance systems need to be smaller, smarter, and less expensive without sacrificing performance. At the same time, the environments in which surveillance equipment must operate are increasingly hostile.



The Therm-Watch analytic software system, is the only fully autonomous non-contact temperature capture analytics system available today it can autonomously monitor temperatures of objects at hundreds of sites.

Early Warning
Alarm Systems


CA Protection solutions include audible early warning siren systems, including Telegrafia’s world class range of electronic sirens, full evacuation / public notifications software solutions - providing safe instruction for large population movement.

Marine Aids to

navigation aid

CA Protection offer a wide range of marine aids-to-navigation products and solutions such as navigation buoys, marker buoys and navigation lights and including standalone beacons, lighthouse beacons, lead lights and sector lights.